Who is Annabelle Foresight?

Annabelle Foresight spent her first eleven years of life in London. She has an “old spirit”, which means Annabelle acts and thinks older than her actual age. Her father was a book binder and Annabelle often helped him. Her parents taught her to read at an early age.

Tragedy struck her family after they moved to the American colonies. Her parents were killed by the vampire lord Dominic. He sent wolves after Annabelle and her brother. Eliza Pratchet rescued them, but they lost too much blood. The only way to save their lives was to turn them into vampires.

Annabelle took to her abilities like a bat to the night air. She learned to master her advanced speed, strength and senses. She can transform into a bat and wolf and has learned how to mesmerize others.

She only drinks animal blood and cares for the welfare of children. She loves her family and considers Eliza Pratchet her adoptive mother.

She started her immortal life in the woods of Massachusetts in the year 1692 during the famous Salem witch trials. In the past three-hundred years Annabelle has been to many places and experienced a lot of history. She has made it her life’s goal to rid the world of Dominic’s evil.


Who is Roland Foresight?

 Roland enjoyed his early years running through the tight streets of London with his sister and her best friend. Often he’d make up adventures, pretending to be a pirate or explorer.

At age thirteen the most wonderful thing occurred. His family moved to the American colonies. Roland became excited because a whole new world filled with adventure awaited him.

Things weren’t what he expected, however. Sure, there was plenty of new things to explore in Colonial Massachusetts, but that life wouldn’t be his. Right after his arrival in the New World, a terrible vampire struck down his parents before his very eyes. The monster Dominic left him and his kid sister in the woods, a meal fit for hungry wolves.

Another vampire named Eliza rescued them but it was too late. They would be dead from blood loss by morning. She then did something that would alter Roland’s destiny forever. She turned his sister Annabelle and him into vampires.

Always headstrong and unable to focus, Roland had a difficult time learning to be a vampire. After many mistakes, he did master transformations into a bat, wolf and eventually mist. He finally could mesmerize mortals and understand wolves. He mastered his speed, strength and flight.

However, despite his shortcomings, Roland discovered other things that he excelled at. His hunting and fighting skills became second nature.

He drinks only animal blood because he doesn’t want to become a monster like Dominic. He loves his new family. Eliza Pratchet is like an adoptive mother and despite how much his sister aggravates him, he does love her deeply.

He started his immortal life in the woods of Massachusetts in the year 1692 just as the famous witch trials began. In the past three-hundred years Roland has been to many places and experienced a lot of history. He has made it his life’s goal to rid the world of Dominic’s evil.