Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Book Fair Musings

Well, a busy day but a ok one!
It was Parent/teacher conference night. The kids are doing better. L is improving by leaps and bounds! I'm very proud of her! K is above her level. She's my little Hermonie. S is doing great too! Need to stamp out that spelling bug but otherwise not too bad. D is doing well but needs some special care. That's expected, considering his age.

It's early November and the sun goes down a great deal earlier. Walking to the car across the school parking lot at night stuck a cord for me. I see a school of monster children. Annabelle would HAVE to be a teacher. She wouldn't want it any other way. I'm not talking books devoted to it or anything, but sometime in books 10-13, in the modern era, I'll have to put the school in.

The school is doing a book fair. Man, that's what "she" wants! I feel it in my bones. The novel HAS to be in book fairs, libraries, schools... everywhere! I looked over the many YA fantasy books available to inspire children and entertain them. So many caught my eye. I could just about see it there. I mean, I could imagine what it would be like to have Annabelle & Roland among those books, getting picked up by little fingers.
"Mommy! That's Annabelle! Teacher's reading that in class! It was so cool the way Annabelle told those kidnappers to leave that boy alone! I wish *I* could stand up to Betsy Patterson like Annabelle stood up to those men!"
So close I can touch it. So far I can't. I can feel it's going to happen, but when? Who will represent? What publisher will publish? I so badly want Scholastic.

Ah well. One day.
One day.

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