Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thoughts on tomorrow


I really should go to bed earlier. Tomorrow I'll need to focus on the job more. During my break I'll need to try and get that Trickshot in the Mythlands one shot story started. I'll have no time to write PV stuff on Thursday so it would be best if I could get it farther along then just thoughts in by brain.

Besides, there is a limited amount of time for me to write Parodyverse stuff. That muse is a real strong feeling and when I stay away too long "she" starts pounding at the back of my mind.

"Go 'way. I owe my friends some Tricksho..."
"Scooooott. What of my brother? What of his travails with the vampire pirates? What of his affection for that girl pirate, Racheal? What of my constant search through London with Thomas?"
"But I'm waiting on Adrienne Rosado of PMA. She still has that weekend read. She should..."
"We both know nothing is certain except the ultimate eventuality. I shall have my desire to be published but it's the when and who that remains a mystery. You can not stall my story for too long...
... I will not allow it."
"Not those eyes again. Sigh."
"Hehehehe. Don't worry. Go back and write for them. Just do not stray too long. Others must see my tales."
"You know, you're really obsessive."
"I'm a three-hundred year old child. What did you expect?"

Huh? Oh! Sorry. I must have dozed off. Anyway, thanks for tuning in on my boring blog. I need to write... Trickshot stuff. Yeah. That's it.


(Man, I must be tired. Why is the window open?)

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