Thursday, November 09, 2006

Scan Day

Sucking on a watermelon JollyRancher and just sittin' here, stalling. I suppose I'd better get to work.

It's HAPPY-FUN-SCAN-DAY! As a CAD drafter, I normally enjoy a lazy job of sitting on my tush, drafting plans while jamming to music all day. Today is Thursday so that means it's the day where I go into the archive room and run lots of big hand drawn plans through the scanner so they are archived as gifs. That means being on my feet all day. I know, I know, wa-wa-wa. It's nothing compared to the real hard work the working guys have to do everyday.
Actually, I like it. I get to jam to music and do this task. It's a break from the same thing and more story ideas come to my mind.
Guess I'd better get started.


D, the vampire novelist said...

Alas, no AW writing exercise wars today. Ah well, I suppose it had to happen sometime :).

Have fun!

Jack Roberts, Annabelle's scribe said...

Fear not! I still have lunch time! Also, the scanner has a 'code' so the tech guy will try to fix.

It's pc time for me!