Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The discovery of a muse

I have a goal. I want to become a professional writer. September of 2004, I was struck with a concept that would not go away. I watched a vampire movie that normally I would not have and saw a little girl vampire whom grabbed my interest. After she was killed in the movie I could not get her out of my mind. As I pondered the concept I realized it wasn’t her I was thinking of. I just didn’t know who it was.

I decided to write about a child vampire for my favorite site, the Parodyverse. When I sat down to flush out the character she appeared. No, not for real. What do you think I am? Crazy? No, in my head I could see her. I knew her as well as myself and when I wrote her she became more. She WANTED more. Posting little short stories on a site where only five people respond or see them wasn’t enough. She needs to be in schools, libraries, bookstores, everywhere! She needs to reach out to other children, frightened, scared children who need an example or at the very least a bit of entertainment to make the pain go away for a few minutes.

Sweet, gentle, smart, determined Annabelle Foresight and her adventurous, rebellious brother Roland were “born” that moment. I had to do something I had never before did. I had to push myself, whenever I could, however I could, to put these two fictional kids into a novel. I longed to be a part of their world, Annabelle’s world, and the only way to ease that longing was to write.

Two years later the novel is finished. I gave it to nine people to edit. All nine found things that needed to be fixed and I fixed them. They were friends, strangers and even two teachers of the age level this Young Adult fantasy novel is geared towards. All nine, despite some of them not being into the subject matter or being critical in nature) could not put it down.
Now it’s finished and I’m in search of an agent to represent it to the publishing world. I know this will happen. Annabelle wants to get out there into the world and she will. It’s only a matter of time.


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