Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Adam Diller, artist extraordinare!

Adam posts at the PV (short for Parodyverse) as the hapless everyman who may or may not be fake. His potential fake man is called Visionary.

More on him later. At any rate, here is a nice close pic of Annabelle, my muse, as done by Adam. I would love to have Adam do the cover and chapter illustrations, but seeing as I'm still trying to get an agent, that idea is far far away from the table anyway.

And the guy is busy as a graphic artist for his full time job so time is very short for him.

Anyway, thanks again for this fine piece of work!

Oh, and I would not be much of a friend if I didn't give his link...

Adam Diller's Home Page! Check it out! Clicky-clicky!


Anonymous said...

Eh... he's okay.

Scott Bryan said...

Heh. Just go and act modest why don'tcha.