Thursday, November 09, 2006

Salutations from a vampire muse

Hello gentle beings,

As you can plainly see by the hour, it is late into the morning. I, being a child of night, simply cannot sleep. It must have been the raccoon I had last night. I wonder what he ate?

No matter, the point of this “post” is for me to introduce myself. I thought I should use my scribe’s forum to inform others of my existence. A couple years ago an event brought to my mind the need to tell my life story so I found this mortal and watched him. He seemed the right sort so I impressed upon him the desire to write my tale.

All I will say here is that my name is Annabelle Foresight. I was born the thirteenth of October in the year Sixteen-hundred and Seventy-Seven. Yes, I’m over three hundred years old.
I look ten, however because when I truly was ten a man, no, a creature of ancient evil killed my parents and left my older brother and myself in the woods to be slaughtered by wolves. A wonderfully sweet woman named Eliza rescued us. We would have died but she gave us the dark curse of vampirism.
For three hundred years we’ve roamed the Earth. I have seen much in that time. It is my fondest wish that those stories be told.

Well, that is enough from me. I’m very tired and so I’m going to try and crawl back into my coffin and sleep. It’s a good thing we have those thick curtains or I would not be able to operate this computer thing so late in the morning.

Good day.

Annabelle Foresight
Vampire muse


D, the vampire novelist said...

I simply cannot get over how very charming you are Annabelle! Tell me, have you done anything special to the inside of your coffin?

Anonymous said...

Why yes. I have fixed it with two fluffy satin pillows and a beautiful red velvet interior. It’s really quite comfortable.

Thank you for asking.