Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bite of Story Thursday

Here is a sneak peek at my current work in progress, Myths. This is from the rough draft so it does not reflect the final product. Enjoy!


Chapter Ten :  Big House On The Prairie

Celeste joined him by the glass.  “They don’t teach us much about them in school.  They’re called the Nephilim but most races in Farnalla call them simply giants.  They always keep to themselves and remain neutral in the wars.  The Verbena Forest is the only place in Farnalla big enough to hide them.  Who knows what their correct size is or even how many kinds of giants there are?”

Eli spied a raggedy doll on the bed.  It resembled a girl but had to be at least eight feet tall.  As bedrooms go, the child’s room seemed simple.  She didn’t have a lot of toys or books.

He turned back to take in their prison.  A simple wooden box surrounded them.  Bits of torn up bushes and some tree limbs lay scattered around the box.  A few large rocks were strewn throughout, which some of his friends sat upon.  Tiny holes allowed for air but their circumference was much too small for Flitty to escape through.

His eyes caught on a few sinister objects.  A couple dead locusts were piled in a corner and a minotaur skeleton lay in the opposite corner with some leaves on top.

Celeste explained, “We figured that’s her last ‘toy’.  I covered it up out of respect.”

Heilgar’s primal scream startled everyone.  He charged the glass but when his body hit it, he simply bounced back into a bush. 

“Aw Heilgar,” Flitty said.  “That trick never works.”

The dwarf stood up and gave her a fiendish look, “I don’t care.  You’ll never catch me becoming a pile of bones in a child’s bug box.”

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