Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Respond to Negative Reviews by Author Beth Revis

Author Beth Revis posted this great article on her blog about how we as authors should respond to negative reviews.

As many of you know, I've had my fair share of down and depressed black moods all caused by negative reviews. Some of you were responsible! And thank the good Lord you were. If it weren't for you and many like you my 1st novel would still be unreadable.

So ultimately we need the negative to smack us out of our writer haze and force us to refine our work.

But sometimes our work is good and what is wrong is simply that it's not right for some people. Some love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Twilight, Ender's Game and Hamlet. Some don't. No big deal.

When we're the most down on ourselves due to other's opinions, we must sift out what helps us, what we really need, and the rest we can throw away and consider just a different opinion.

It's not always easy though. Sometimes we need things to lift us up. Beth Revis' has the right idea.

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