Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spoke to High School AP English class today!

It went great!

I spoke to my daughter's Advance Placement English class at the High School. I talked about writing and my books.

At first I was nervous and I suspect it showed. I stuttered and droned on, but as I continued and the love of writing and creating came out of me, I relaxed and could be myself. I need to feel that way all the way through it and not fifteen minutes into it. I must capture the excitement and joy and spill it out to the kids. I do that after a bit but I need to do that from the beginning. I guess it's a lesson learned for next time, which in this case is the 28th of September.

Janeen (my long suffering wife) and Katelyn (my long suffering daughter) came up with the idea of raffle tickets as a way to give away a copy of Dark Threats. It worked really well. I also threw candy at them.

The kids enjoyed it. There were a few who were really interested. I found myself talking about Myths and got a few really excited. Hmm. Maybe I should epublish that as well? I suppose I could always put it up and then shop it around agents while it's on Amazon, etc.

So the 1st speaking engagement is done. On to the next!

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