Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Guarin


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Name Origin

French form of Germanic Warin, meaning "cover, shelter."

Physical characteristics:Guarin appears young, in his twenties, and in good shape. Always seen garbed in a dark green hood and cloak with a green and blue robe. While he looks young, he is actually over seventy-five years old when Annabelle first met him in 1692. He took the Right of Ascendance some time prior which if successfully completed, grants a warlock or witch immortality.

A good, strong leader. Always willing to do what's right. He is determined to stand in the way of Lord Domi and his evil. Like his mentor, Dagda, his desire to stand up for what is right, no mater the cost, is unwavering.

Guarin practiced white magic under the teachings of the immortal warlock Dagda. His skills have been seasoned from decades of battles against Lord Domi and his many monster servants. Along with Dagda and Blandia Blackburn, Guarin created the magical barrier that protected Eliza Pratchet, Annabelle and Roland Foresight, the small English colonial settlement of Jorgantown and the Mohegan Indian village.

After Dagda's assassination by Domi, Guarin became the High Mage of the ancient Order of the White Warlocks and works from the North American division. He fought in the first Battle of Jorgantown after the barrier fell.

Despite the fact that the Coven have always acted as police to the magic world, most white warlocks and witches remain in hiding. Hunted by Domi (or Dominic’s) forces for centuries, they operate in super secret covens across the globe. No more than three in each group and always on the move, Guarin accepted new responsibilities after Dagda's death. He now has to keep the entire Order of the White Warlocks organized and hidden. He marshals their forces across the globe to constantly block Domi's attempts to take over the world. They regularly work with the prophetic Falabranwyn.

Guarin helped Blandia Blackburn to take the Right of Ascendance, a task he has been quoted as saying "was in some ways harder than fighting an army of werewolves."

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