Friday, October 26, 2012

Speaking to the class UPDATE

Today I'm speaking to Mr. Palfreyman's English classes at the Tooele High School! Getting excited!
More info to follow...

...And now how it went.  Excellent! I spoke to four English classes about my writing and the writing process.  I also had a great time catching up with a friend from the Tooele Writer's Group; Caleb Palfreyman, the teacher.

Several kids were interested in the steps to become an author. I suspect they were some future authors whom we may see in the future.

Others were interested in the story and concepts. It appears not everyone is sick of vampires, provided they are closer to the originals. Myths gained some attention as well. This further proves what I suspect: While Ann may continue quietly online, Myths will be the one to gain more attention.

So there you have it. I look forward to more speaking engagements in the future.

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