Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The A to Z Challenge! U is for Unicorn

U is for Unicorn, specifically Celeste the flying unicorn from Myths.

She is determined, serious and often stuck up. She likes studying and doesn’t like it when Eli gets into trouble. She does not like Frunz the faun or Lyndi the dragon. She has a soul bond with Eli. This means she has a telepathic mental bond with him. Celeste can turn to a human shape and remain it the shape of the tall, thin pale girl with long white hair. In her natural unicorn shape she has wings and can fire blasts of pure light from her horn. In human girl shape her extreme magic is backed up and can cause accidents. She is practicing to focus it into spells. Has a little sister back home.

Here are some pictures that inspire me for Celeste...

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