Thursday, April 25, 2013

The A to Z Challenge! V is for vampires

Of course given what my main characters are in the Night Children series, is it any wonder what I would use for the letter V? Vampires!

Sunlight, wooden stakes through the heart, fire and beheadings kill them. Religious items hurt the bad vampires (but only if you have faith). Silver weakens all mystical creatures. Garlic only gives vampire heartburn.

They can eat regular food in limited quantities but it makes them sick. Of course their main nourishment is blood. Animal blood works just as well as human blood. The thirst can drive them mad but as with any addiction, it can be mastered to a certain degree.

Your basic vampire has super strength on par with Spider-Man, can move fast (as fast as Wonder Woman), has amazing agility (like Black Panther) and enhanced senses (like Wolverine). Some are better at these abilities, taking the strength to Thing lever or the speed to Quicksilver level (no vampire could move as fast as Flash or are strong as Hulk), for instance. But those are few.

Some vampires have mastered other tricks. Some can fly, some can transform to various nocturnal animals, some can mesmerize others and some can communicate with animals. Some can even turn into mist, move things with their minds or have limited control of the elements. Not all vampires can do these things, in fact most can't.

All vampires are immortal. Children and youth vampires age 1 year ever 100 years until they physically reach 18. That goes for their minds too.

Now that you understand the rules of my world, here are some fun pics I've collected...


DayDreamer said...

Love that garlic gives your vampires heartburn. Scary pic of the Mona Lisa - who knew she was really a vampiress!!

Scott Bryan said...

Thanks! I got that one from Marvel comics. So many vampires to choose from!