Thursday, January 05, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Birth

Chapter Twenty-One

They traveled together all night. Roland watched Fenroth closely, trying to learn from the experienced tracker.

“How long have you been tracking and hunting?”

“For the better part of eighty years. I was turned into a vampire shortly after I moved to this continent.”

They were running quickly through the dark woods. The moon lit up the path at certain intervals but Roland’s night vision made the moonlight unnecessary. Fenroth never turned into a bat or flew. Roland followed his lead because he didn’t want to look like a show off.

After a while of traveling at top speed and never quite catching up with Fenroth, Roland began to get tired. Suddenly the man stopped. He held up his right arm to signal for Roland to stop as well.

“Smell it?”

“Yeah. What is that? It smells stronger than the beavers and raccoons I’ve eaten.” The thin, musky odor tuned Roland’s nose. He could pick up the tasty aroma of lots of blood.

Fenroth nodded towards the moonlit stream through the brush where a bear drank greedily. “Watch closely.”

Roland instinctively held his breath.


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