Sunday, January 08, 2012

Night Children: Dark Trials is ready for the crit group!

I belong to a local critique group. We review each other's books, give advice where needed to make the books stronger and support each other in our endeavours. Sometimes we're brutally honest. It's hard but necessary.

Dark Trials is the second book in the Night Children series. When I first wrote the rough draft for what would become Dark Birth, I actually had a great deal of Dark Trials in it too. I later broke the books in two.

A friend at work read Dark Trials and liked it. He was the only one so far. Now it's time for the group to review it. They'll read it this month and in February we'll discuss it. I expect some parts to entertain them but I know there are unknown problems throughout it. There always are things that I think are OK but I later find out it didn't quite work.

I know I'll be hating some of the things I hear but it's necessary. It's part of the journey that I need to do.

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