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Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Eliza Pratchet


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Other names: Laila, Dear wife

Name Origin: Form of Elisabeth, "pledged to God." Variant, Liza, exists.
“Eliza” is her English name. Her real name is Laila, like her 4th great grandmother. She was named Eliza by her Grandmother Laila and she took it, quite honored.

Physical characteristics:
She appears in her early twenties, has long dark hair and olive skin like her fellow European gypsies, except it seems more pale due to her vampirism. She has long fingernails and wears long flowing black and white dresses and robes.

Personality: Very patient, caring, loving and kind. She walks and speaks softly and appears gentle unless you threaten her adoptive children, Annabelle and Roland Foresight. She gained confidence the longer she was with the Foresight children.

She has the standard vampire abilities. This means she’s faster and stronger than humans, her senses are extremely acute as are her reflexes. She can fly and turn into a bat. She has ability to transform into a wolf, rat, bat and mist. She can control humans through mesmerization and communicate with lesser beasts.

Known History:

Born in 1589 a daughter of gypsies. She and her family were mortals whom traveled with the Mullo tribe, a family of vampiric gypsies. The tribe members, after a certain age where they might die, can chose the Right of the Dark and get turned so they can live on. Some stay mortal because they choose to while others desire vampirism.

Her 4th great grandfather, the vampire Nicu, died in 1591 defending the tribe and young Eliza in particular. A small group of evil vampires under Dominic’s command tried to slaughter them but Nicu drove them off, earning a steak to the heart. Eliza’s parents died as well. Her 5th great grandmother Laila raised little Eliza.

In 1609 she met Dominic. Eliza fell in love with him and he stole her away to America when he was back in Europe gaining supporters. Eliza carries a great deal of guilt over allowing Dominic to take her.

In 1692 she rebelled against him and saved Annabelle and Roland. She turned them into vampires. She teaches them because she at first felt sorry for them, because Laila taught her to help the downcast and because she loves them.

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