Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: (Book Three) Dark Quest

Chapter Three

Annabelle and Thomas hurried outside to find the entire camp gazing into the forest, their eyes searched for the source of the terrible sounds.

The eerie howling took her back decades ago, to a single night when she, Thomas and Eliza looked for her brother on a dirt road through the wilds of Massachusetts. It was the first time she’d heard a werewolf. The strange mix of human and wolf calls made her hairs stand up on end.

This time it was far worse. A large choir of wolf creatures sang to the bright full moon. Their song grew louder from three sides around the camp and oddly enough, the vampires and humans didn’t seem concerned. In fact, a small glow of excitement crossed their features.

By contrast, Thomas, Roland, Eric and Mary stood as ridged as Ann. Charlotte clung to Mary for protection while Selina and Samuel perked up, curious about the coming threat.

Fear gripped her as eerie yellow eyes dotted the darkened wood. They were surrounded by too many rapid heart beats. Things that smelled of musky fur hungered, obscured by the thick trees.

A large red beast pushed out of the foliage, followed by five more of similar build. Each werewolf stood on two hairy legs and were adorned in patterned kilts with bright sashes across their chest.

The large red one sniffed the air as Yoska stepped forward. His bright red eyes locked with the werewolf’s yellow pupils. Each stood firmly, as if daring each other to attack first. Annabelle’s breath caught in her chest.


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