Friday, December 02, 2011

Book Review: The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus #2)

I absolutely loved it! As always, I find Rick Riordan’s writing refreshing, exciting and inspirational. I couldn’t put it down and found myself flipping pages way too quickly.

Its fun seeing Percy, Tyson and Mrs. O’Leary again. It’s also great being in Percy’s head. I could always relate with him. Frank and Hazel are also very strong, well-written characters, too. Darn you Riordan! All seven half-bloods are wonderful. Who could we possibly sacrifice?

It was nice seeing a brief glimpse of Jason, Piper and Leo. This book performed an amazing job of following the last and leading to the next tale. Can’t wait to see SPOILER again.

Adding to my personal list of “Things That Prove Riordan is a Fellow Comic Geek”, we have a super-speed horse that uses the Flash’s run-on-water technique, questions about amazons that would make one think of Wonder Woman (i.e. talk of what powers they do and don’t have), animal shape-shifting abilities and a possible mention of Beast Boy, more talking to aquatic animals like Aquaman, and more trick arrows like Green Arrow and Hawkeye (as seen before with the Party Ponies). Yes, I keep a mental list. I think it’s cool that he draws inspiration from one of the places I do.

Anyway, I loved this book and cannot wait till the next!

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