Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Roxana Dawn: Bride of Domi


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Elizabeth Báthory, Roxana Dawn and Penelope Chesterfield.

Their mission is to watch over Domi's interests and keep an eye on the Seven Tyrant Lords.

Roxana Dawn:

Other names:
Roxie, Lady in White,

Name origin:
Latin form of Persian Roušanak, meaning "dawn” or "break of day." 

Physical characteristics:
Pale complexion, short black hair mostly bobbed Ala a 20's "Flapper" girl. Thin, small body. Girlish round face. Small dimple on her left cheek. Likes to wear "Flapper" girl styles such as long dresses and plenty of long necklaces. Used to dress like a western show girl back in the mid-nineteenth century. Used to wear gobs of make up like her sister but gave it up. Loves to wear white lace. She always wears lace gloves.

She has a sweet disposition but is actually a terrible back biter.

Typical vampire abilities:

She possesses the abilities of all vampires. This means she is faster and stronger than humans, her senses are extremely acute as are her reflexes. She can fly, turn into a bat, wolf, rat and she can mesmerize humans.

Special abilities:
She can control almost anyone, human or creature, with her voice. As soft and high pitched like the tinkling of a bell, Roxana's voice can control a person's body, allowing her to make her victim do anything she wants. Has no affect on Dominic or Elizabeth Báthory. She also carries a small silver blade with a leather handle.

Known History:

Roxana lived in ancient Rome with her older sister Lucretia. While Lucretia was more obsessed with her looks, Roxie developed a passion for Dominus.  She became very loyal to him and jumped at the offer of vampirism. Trained by Dominus’ chief General, Adad, to be great fighter. Along with her older sister, she has always dreamed of being on of Dominus' Three Queens.

Domi commanded Lucretia and Roxana to hide during the Exodus War. They rejoined him one he escaped his prison in the Dark Place. She has been an active follower ever since.

There is much left to discover about Roxana's long, evil life.