Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kinda Busy Weekend

The weekend started out at light speed. The wife and I marshaled the kids to help us clean two rooms in preparation for Thanksgiving. We cleaned and organized the heck out of it and for the most part have kept it that way.

We also set up Christmas. I sure love the lights and decorations. It's nice that we're all set up for that season, instead of having to do it later.

We have three more rooms to clean. We'll get to them in the evenings and my sweetie will be catching them during the day as well.

Finished off the weekend with our niece's birthday party which consisted of the usual fare followed by going to Happy Feet.
The movie was OK. It was cute and got me feeling the groove. The animation was of course incredible. I think they used real people footage instead of animating the people. Our nephew Steven thinks the humans were animated too. I could research, but it's not important.

Saw my preview. What preview? THE preview. Harry Potter 5! It was great! I recognized some scenes from the book. It's great to finally have this movie coming out. There is SO MUCH they HAVE to do to make the overall series make sense. I hope they have time to do it all.

Saw Steven (our nephew) tonight. It's always fun to see him. I was hoping he was going to come out for Thanksgiving but it looks like their visit will be horribly short.

Well, the weekend is done and I need to settle down for bed. Tomorrow it's back to work. The job has lost any flavor it had because of that stupid meeting/lecture on Friday. I'm not looking forward to it.
One day I will be working here, at my home, letting the story flow like water and producing entertainment for people. It's going to happen, but for now it's back to "Can't-measure-up" Land.

At least it's not like the last firm I worked for. THAT was Hell.
Sorry. "Heck"

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