Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What's up with me

My friend Jay posted a question, asking all of us at the Parodyverse site to tell about how our lives are going. I replied and now I figure it would be great bog material so here it is...

Lets see,
Well, things are in a holding pattern, pretty much. I feel very strongly like this novel will hit, but until either this New York agent from PMA finishes it and wants me, or some other agent wants me, I have to carry on and try to focus on other things. That particular agent was very interested in the concept of the book. She wanted the entire thing by the weekend of the 4th. She got it and she’s reading. Agents take a while so it’s a painful wait.

I was called into my bosses’ office Friday afternoon. I got the same lecture I’ve gotten at other jobs. I’m apparently “not bringing enough to the table” in regards to my skills and knowledge. I can see where that’s true, but I also find that my brain seems to have a hard time focusing on work.

It’s not the novel or anything like that. After a few months of drafting, I just seem to have a hard time thinking things out clearly. So I need to redouble my efforts and try to focus. Try to access my memories of working this stuff for over ten years. It’s hard because in some ways Friday’s meeting hurt. It wasn’t like the painful abuse I had at Stantec, but it still hurt. I’ve lost any positive feelings for this place. I can’t go looking right now either because no one hires during the holidays and I am not allotted the time to miss.

Family is good. We’ve still got a lot of cleaning to do before Thursday. We’re going to have a lot of family over for Thanksgiving, so we need to make sure the house is ready for that. Friday in our cleaning, I ran across those cards I promised you Jay. I’ll try to get them n the mail soon.

That’s about it. I’m in a Harry Potter mood because I just saw the preview for the next movie and I’m currently reading that book so that I remember everything that’s supposed to be in the movie. I’ll move onto book 6 next because book 7 comes out next year too.

I’ve slowed down my participation at Absolute Write because if I have time to go there, I should be working on my WIP. A WIP is the Work In Progress. So that’s book two. I want to jump back in and write like a crazy man, but this work bump kind of shook me up. I need to get back at the novel.

As for TV, I’m excited for more ‘Heroes’ and ‘Dr Who’, waiting on more ‘Stargate SG1’, ‘Ghosthunters’ and ‘Eureka’, and trolling through ‘Smallville’ just to see how that disappointing mess eventually ends.

That’s everything on this end.

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