Thursday, March 20, 2014

Climbing up hill

I feel like I'm trudging up a steep hill. I spend each morning going through job leads. After I send out my resumes I then do a "no-no". I browse Facebook and YouTube.

I should be writing. Instead I put it off and never get back to it. I've drifted away from the usual blogs, writing friends and so on. I want to write but I just feel like I'm lost in a cloud somewhere. When I do open my manuscript I peck at it, a paragraph at a time. Distractions pull me away and it's so hard to start back at it.

Last night I googled "Vampire Children" and came across one of my plugs for the book I put on a random web page about vampire children. I posted it in 2011. Almost four years ago! I've had my books online for four years and STILL I haven't gotten anything else put up online. Book 2 needed changes and I'm still doing it. Myths and Multi Mart are half finished.

I need to get my but in gear!


Laura D. Bastian said...

yeah you do. get your butt in gear and let me read some more. ;)

Scott Bryan said...

Thanks! I'm working like crazy on Myths. Dark Changes is with the beta readers now. Maybe after Myths is done?