Monday, April 29, 2013

The A to Z Challenge! Y is for Yellow!

Y is for Yellow, particularly what the color means on a fairy.  See in the land called Farnalla in my book Myths, all fairies give off a different color depending on their emotion at the moment. Their magic creates a colored aura around them at all times but it changes depending on their mood. They can dim or brighten their aura at will but sometimes it gets out of control

Here is the emotion to color chart...

Red = Rage
Orange = Greed
Yellow = Fear
Blue = Hope
Indigo = Compassion
Violet = Love
Green = Will
Gray = depression/ lack of hope
Turquoise = curiosity
Pink = embarrassment

The idea of using different colors to show emotions isn't a new thing (mood rings anyone?) but there is one place that inspired me the most...

DC Comics introduced all these kinds of color orientated Lantern types. They always had Green Lantern whose ring was based on will power and Sinestro whose ring was based on fear, but recently they tied in their character Star Sapphire and created other characters, all so they could make separate armies of multi-colored characters. It enriched the plots and improved the stories.

I decided to use the idea to make my fairy, Flitty, more fun. I hope it works!


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