Saturday, April 13, 2013

The A to Z Challenge! L is for Lyndi the Dragon

L is for Lyndi Pendragon

Lyndi is one of the main characters in Myths. She’s hot headed, rebellious and sarcastic dragon. A natural trouble maker, Lyndi uses her shape shifting abilities to appear as a human girl. She pretends to be a sorceress apprentice and addends school with the other kids. Best friends to Flitty the fairy who is the only one who knows the truth. In human shape, Lyndi can move fast, fly, breathe fire and has sharp claws.

She does not get along with Eli the elf and causes a great deal of hot headed trouble during their quest. Lyndi is secretly scared because her father is searching for her and if he finds her friends, he might just roast them and start another war in Farnalla.

Here are some pictures of dragons I've collected on the web for research...


Nick Wilford said...

Those dragons can be tricky! They always make for interesting characters.

Scott Bryan said...

Thanks! I sure hope she is interesting!