Friday, April 12, 2013

The A to Z Challenge! K is for Kyle Jordan

K is for Kyle Jordan
Kyle is the protagonist in my novel Multi-Mart.  He's a quiet boy who constantly gets teased at school. He has no friends and is an only child. His parents constantly argue so he hides away from everything in his comics.

 After school he flees from a bully right through an unseen doorway. Here is what he sees (remember, this is a work in progress so this scene might be changed at a later date)...
Chapter Two: Welcome to Multi-Mart, How may I help you?
Kyle screamed and the old lady alien stepped back, startled.  His eyes focused on his surroundings.  He stood in a large foyer.  Metal grating covered the entire floor.  The walls appeared to be thick crystal and the ceiling rested fifteen feet above.  It seemed to be made of crystal as well because it glittered as rainbow colored light reflected off it.
The light came from behind him.  Strange doorways seemed to open and close, each one framed with multiple colors.  If he wasn’t so scared, he’d admire their beauty.
He screamed again when he saw what came through the weird portals.  Something gurgled from a fleshy lump where its head should’ve been.  Eight tentacles pulled the thing through the glowing opening, which closed at once. 
Kyle couldn’t run fast enough.  With that thing behind him he had no choice but to bolt forward.  He passed the old alien lady in the blue vest and into the larger open area.
She sighed and replied in a bored voice, “Whatever.  Welcome to Multi-Mart.”
It was brighter here.  The ceiling and walls ended, revealing a building so big that he couldn’t see the end.  The new ceiling rose at least twenty feet.
At the front of the large warehouse-type building was an impossibly long row of noisy machines.  Each one had another short grey alien, grabbing small items and passing them under a device.  Lines of creatures stood by the machines, some placing other items on small black conveyor belts.
Rows of long shelves covered the entire floor.  Each one loaded with various items of different shapes and sizes.  Kyle quickly ducked between two. 
He bent over and put his hands on his knees.  His shoulder still stung but he was alive.  As he tried to catch his breath he took a second look around.
It all seemed terribly familiar to him.  Lines of beings, each completely different from the others, waiting while grey aliens checked... no scanned each item.  Every E.T. wore the same blue vests and each had a badge with their picture on it.  Most ran the machines, registers?  Others stocked shelves and some wore red on their badges and moved to the other grey aliens anytime a light above one of the strange cash registers would blink.
Like lightning it came to him.  It was Wal-Mart.  Yet so different.  A store for aliens? 
I'm not sure what happened to the formatting there but that is the general idea. Kyle winds up in a store that caters not just to aliens, but the entire Multiverse. This means that any universe could conceivably connect to this store. Both Annabelle's and Eli's worlds will appear in the novel, as well as many more. Kyle will have to save the store from a mad dictator. He'll make friends and learn about himself along the way.
More on this with the letter M.

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