Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Christopher


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Physical characteristics:
Christopher is tall with long black hair. He wears elegant clothing but it's worn lose, as if he has lost the desire to keep up appearances.

His countenance is one of regret, self loathing and a general resignation to his fate.  He keeps himself amused by talking with his victims before he kills them or manipulating anyone who interests him into spending time at his side, telling him stories about their past. He has a great deal of pent up frustration against Vanessa Kimball, Reginald Worthing and the Rakes. He has no love for his subjects, the Destitute.

Known History:
Christopher was of royal birth. His last name was lost in history and it's doubtful even he remembers it. At one point in his life he was a young nobleman. He'd run through the farms and towns of England with other young nobles, causing mischief and spoiling lives along with his best friend, Reginald Worthing. Once he met noblewoman Vanessa Kimball everything changed. She turned Christopher into a vampire along with the other noblemen and called them the Rakes. She did it so she wouldn't be alone.

For many years the Rakes ran through London and the surrounding countryside.  They'd make sport of killing and terrorized anyone they wanted. One night Christopher decided to feast in Whitechaple, one of the more poorer sections of London. He found a lady of ill repute and used her for a meal. Unfortunately he bit her three times, unaware of the Three Bite Rule. He left her for dead but she transformed and in turn fed on some of the homeless of London.  Instead of turning into regular vampires, the homeless vampires became shadowy creatures with no sustenance.

Once Lady Vanessa found out, she exiled Christopher to a warehouse where he would rule the many new vampires, now called the Destitute. It became his job to make sure these shadowy creatures didn't give away the existence of vampires in London. Christopher accepted his penance and ruled the Destitute with a bitter heart. He discovered soon after his exile that his former best friend, Reginald Worthing , told Vanessa about Christopher's mistake. The lady of the evening, known as Abigail, met Reginald, told him what happened and the two of them ran away for America to start new lives.

Christopher had a cat named Azmodel. It's actually a male vampire whom turned into a cat. Christopher mesmerized Azmodel into thinking he is a cat. Azmodel stayed with Christopher for many years until he decided to follow Annabelle Foresight.

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