Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? The Rakes


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Known History:
After the vampire lord known as Dominic Pratchet courted and turned noble Vanessa Kimball, he left her in charge of his London safe house. After her devilish suggestion for some company, he allowed her to turn some of the more wickedly inclined around her into vampires.

At the time she kept in her company several bored young noblemen. The found sport in tormenting the poor and following their own corrupt pursuits. Vanessa saw the evil potential in these men so she turned them. They became loyal to her and found a whole new dark world of mischief. They'd attend her parties, like the annual Predator Ball, and find great joy in hunting and tormenting those they deemed less than themselves. Originally their where eight Rakes.

Reginald Worthing (Exiled. King and founder of Bloody Buccaneers.)
Christopher (Exiled. In charge of the shadowy Destitute.)
Ryan (turned Molly O’ Connell and the children of the Palmer Orphanage.)

Research quote from my knowledgeable friend Author Ian Watson:
A rake was a young man of nobility or upper middle class who used his status to take advantage of unsuspecting women. He promised to marry a woman only to sleep with her, thus ruining the woman's reputation.

In fact at this time the real rakes were notorious for doing pretty much the same thing! There's a description in "The Hound of the Baskervilles" about one such incident (which was said to have originally caused the haunting Sherlock Holmes investigated a hundred and fifty years later), where the young noblemen of the manor rode down one night on a lonely farm to carry off the farmer's pretty daughter for their sport.

My Thoughts:
I see the Rakes as a sort of Lost Boys, running around causing mischief and discord. They answer to Vanessa and make her exclusive gentlemen’s club their home.

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