Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bite of Story Thursday

Here's another look into what I'm currently working on. This is from the rough draft so it does not reflect the final product. Enjoy!


Chapter Seven: Ogres

Eli let an arrow fly.  The shaft tore into an ogre’s left shoulder, which caused it to bellow out in rage.  “Forget the powder and find something useful!”  He dodged the beast’s massive club, adorned with five inch spikes for better effect, and fired two more arrows at the ogre’s back.

“But it is useful.  If I could just find it...”  Mark knelt on the rough ground with his pouch open and both his arms inside up to his elbows.  “Maybe it’s in the bookcase behind the Inner-Outer spell book?”

Another ogre almost clobbered Mark with her club but Frunz knocked it aside with his quarterstaff.  “Mark, get up and help!” Frunz pleaded.  He used the staff as a third leg and leaped upward.  He kicked the attacking ogre in the chest with his hooves.  “I’m the coward, remember?  I’m not supposed to be the one fighting.”

“You’re doing a fine job,” Flitty remarked.  She zipped around the third ogre which caused the she-beast to follow the fairy with her head.  Dizzy, the ogre stopped to hold her head in place.  Flitty fired a pixie-bolt in the beast’s face.

Eli managed to scramble up various broken statues, and then spring onto the top of a broken wall.  He fired a net arrow.  Strong spikes unfolded from four corners of the expanding net.  Each one bore into the wall, trapping the ogre.  “One down.”

After a shout of inhuman rage, the ogre ripped the net open and charged the wall that Eli stood on. 

Eli somersaulted over the creature as it shattered the free standing wall.  “Guess not.” Eli said as he landed on a smaller stone wall.

Lyndi’s mouth formed a thin smile.  She pushed against one of the she-ogres, her hands clasped with the beast.  Each one tried to push the other to the ground.

“Fall,” the ogre demanded.  “Why won’t food fall?”

“I was wondering the same thing,” Lyndi replied through gritted teeth.

Flitty buzzed around them and suggested, “You could beat her in an instant if you simply did you know what.”

“Quiet,” Lyndi hissed.  “I’m as strong enough in this form.  I won’t do ‘you know what’ because of a stupid ogre.”

“Food calls Untha stupid?” the ogre growled.  “Untha not stupid.  Food stupid.” 

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