Friday, January 18, 2013

Movie Review: Frankenweenie

I finally saw Frankenweenie. I really enjoyed it. I purposely stayed away from spoilers because I'd already seen the live action from several years ago. I knew the story. I liked the story but I didn't understand why we needed a claymation treatment of it.

Now I understand.

Tim Burton was able to throw in all sorts of treats into this film. Of course the whole thing is a tribute to Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein but what I didn't know was all the many other tributes to classic horror.

I mean we see Boris Karloff and Vincent Price immortalised in clay. We get tributes to werewolves and vampires and mummies and gremlins and even Godzilla.

Excellent. I love the classics and this film served it up in spades. A must own for me.

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