Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Blood Reaper

I have no idea who did this pic either. It's a standard werewolf pic from the web. No picture of Blood Reaper exists at this time. Hopefully that will change someday. If anyone knows who did this picture, please let me know.

Cam, Cameron, Blood Reaper

Physical characteristics:
Cam can turn into half man half wolf shape as well as full wolf shape. In his half form he is six feet tall. He is muscular and big. He has a snout and extended jaw as well at the pointed ears of a wolf. His legs are shaped similar to wolves and his feet are large paws while his hands are human shape with sharp claws. He has a red 'D' shape scar on his left breast. His fur is red and coarse. He has black hair and eyes in his human form and amber eyes in werewolf form.

After he became the Blood Reaper, Cam began to wear a purple sash over his thick fur. It marks him as the leader of Dominic’s wolf pack. The gold D embroidered on his sash is a symbol of his rank as one of the Seven Tyrant Lords. Along with the sash he wears tight leather gloves, custom made to his wolf form. Each finger was incased in leather with sharp silver claws fashioned onto the outside of the glove. The glove protects him, preventing the deadly silver from touching his skin where it could weaken or even kill him.

At first Cam was passive. He'd always let his big brother Isaac tease and bully him. After his brother's death he became angry, vengeful and a stronger leader. He has a habit of flexing his fingers. At first it was a sign of his nerves but later he does it out of a thirst for violence.

Abilities: Cam has the standard werewolf abilities. He can transform into a half-wolf half-human form or all wolf form. In both forms he's stronger, faster and has better agility and enhanced senses. He can access his enhanced abilities and sharp nails and teeth even in human form. As an Alpha Wolf, he's immortal. He seems to age slowly, perhaps a year per one-hundred human years. As Blood Reaper, he wears gloves with silver claws on his hands to hurt any mystical creature in his path, even his own pack if they step out of line.

Known History: Little is known of Isaac and Cam's life before they became werewolves. The werewolf Clancy bit both of them and brought the brothers to Dominic, the vampire lord. In the latter part of the 1600's, the pack was sent to capture vampire children Annabelle and Roland Foresight. Their mortal friend Thomas wounded Isaac with silver shot, blasting away the werewolf's shoulder. Isaac would have died but Cam rescued him. Isaac saw it as a sign of weakness and punished Cam for decades after. Isaac resented Cam for the rest of his life afterward and abused his brother even more fiercely.
Eventually Roland killed Isaac. Cam thirsts for revenge. That event changed him. He became more ruthless and vicious. He rose up in the hierarchy of Lord Dominic's personal wolf pack until he became their leader. He also has a much valued seat as one of the werebeasts.

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