Sunday, October 28, 2012

Neo Planet Widget sure makes me wonder

On the right side of this page a ways down you see a globe. It spins slowly, showing tiny dots where my visitors are from.

It simply amazes me to see where everyone is from. I mean I see dots from all over the US, some in states I've been to and some in states I'd LOVE to visit. New York! Salem! New Orleans! The list goes on.

I've always wanted to walk the busy streets of New York, see the Liberty Bell in Boston and visit the Smithsonian in Washington DC. Think of the research for my writing! And there is the home of my birth, California. Oh how I miss it.

Looks like Central and South America have viewers too. So cool! Whomever is that dot on the far East tip of South America? I'd love to discuss the Brazilian Rain Forest with you. I've got a monster from there. Well, it's actually from the Amazon but we could talk!

I'm even more amazed by this...

Europe! India! Africa! So many exotic places I've never been. Places I'd love to see, to discover. If only I knew the things you people know. Walk pass the things you take for granted. I am surrounded by desert, sagebrush and remains of the Old West. It's cool and all, but what would a nation with a history that stretches the ages be like?

Australia! Japan! Various dots in Asia! What an exotic world to learn and enjoy! And here I am with no much to learn for Book Three (Dark Quest) when Annabelle and Roland travel the globe in the 1750's.

It's a pleasure to entertain you. Sure, I'd wager most stop in on the way through, searching. But even that someone from the other side of the Earth is reading these words or even seeing Annabelle's story for the briefest of moments is enough to shock and amaze me.

Thank you all for visiting.

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