Saturday, September 01, 2012

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Yesterday I spoke with several teachers. I caught up with Mrs. Crookston at the Tooele Junior High. I'm set up to speak to all the English classes on the 28th of September! I can't wait!

As I was plotting out Myths it occurred to me what some of the new experiences and challenges would be for Eli and his companions in the latter half of the story. I want them to each get involved in school life at the Junior High. Since Eli and company are around 14 and midway through the book they are stranded on Earth, these kids are picked up by B.I.G. (Bureau of Interdimensional Gathering)and placed into false lives in my home town. They disguise their fantasy features, attend Junior High and try to accustom themselves to human life.

With this in mind I thought I'd do something a little different with my Jr. High appearances. I decided to pose the question to the classes. I'd do a breakdown of the characters and ask the kids where they think these fantasy creatures would fit most at home at the Junior High and have them give reasons. The ideas that work best for the overall story will be used in the book!

On top of that I'll do my introduction, including telling them about the Annabelle series and offer up questions. If I have enough copies, I'll give away Dark Threats.

Other speaking engagements will be Mrs. Kramer's High School English class on the 18th of September and Mr. Palfreyman's English classes (full day) on October 26th.

More to follow!

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