Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Birth

Chapter Eight; First Night

Dominic replied hotly, “You take the word of crows over one who has advised kings?  My warriors remain trapped because of the Falabranwyn.  I’ve tolerated enough.”

Dominic moved around the three defenders with enough speed to burn a circle in the grass.  He broke from formation, ripped out a large tree and swung at Dagda. 

White flames flickered from the fingertips of both warlocks and the witch.  The flames grew into a raging fire that engulfed the tree.  The tree vaporized, but in an eye blink Dominic was back, this time clutching two large rocks.

Before he could smash the rocks on their heads, the younger warlock spread his arms wide and a large light green dome erupted outward.  The rocks smashed against the dome and rubble trickled to the ground.

“Guarin, lower it,” Dagda commanded.  A twist of the younger warlock’s wrist and the dome dissipated.  Dagda shot crackling light towards Dominic but the vampire sped away in the nick of time.

“Blandia, try the earth spell!” 

Dominic smiled wickedly as he easily dodged blasts from both the men.

“But... I’m not sure I can do--”

“Now!”  Sweat began to pool on Dagda’s forehead.

White flames flickered from the woman’s hands into the ground.  Chunks of earth rose up and caused Dominic to stumble.  Before he fell, he leapt over the new jagged outcropping of dirt, morphed into a large bat and flew over the humans.

A gust of wind blew from Guarin’s fingertips, knocking Dominic back.  “Get away, beast!”

“Not until everyone here has died at my hand.”


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