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Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Polly Dunston


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Physical characteristics:
Polly has blond hair, usually in a ponytail. She wears simple dresses, usually plain. Most days she goes barefoot.
As an adult she owns a few nice dresses and one pair of shoes.

Sweet, kind but shy. Readily able to accept anyone, no matter their faults. Easily scared but has learned bravery thanks to the example of her best friend, Annabelle Foresight.

Polly has the normal abilities of a child and later, a full grown woman.

Known History:
Polly grew up in Jorgantown, Massachusetts. She has two older brothers, Thomas and Henry. As a child, she spent most her time with her chores. In her era (the late 1600's to early 1700's) children did not attend school. Instead they were apprentices to their parents. For Polly that meant learning how to make candles, washing clothes and other activities to keep the Dunston household running.

In 1692 she met two friends, Annabelle and Roland Foresight. Shortly after she met them, they were reported missing in the woods. Polly was broken hearted until Annabelle knocked on her two story window. Once Polly invited her friends inside, Annabelle and Roland explained that they were now vampires. At first Polly was scared but after talking to Annabelle she realized they were still her friends and would never hurt her.

This began a lifetime of friendship. Polly got married at age 17. She and her new husband Patrick began their own farm on the outskirts of Jorgantown. She kept her last name so Annabelle and Roland could always find her. Polly told her children about Annabelle, Roland and Polly's vampire brother Thomas. She swore them to secrecy. Sometime after Annabelle, Thomas and Roland left the New World, Patrick got a better opportunity for their family in Albany New York.
Generations have passed by and it hasn't always been easy, but most of Polly's descendants have always provided help and encouragement to Annabelle's family throughout the last three hundred years. 

Age Line:

Born 1683

Age 9 in 1692 (Book 1 Darth Birth)

Age 17 in 1700 Got married to Patrick.

Age 18 in 1701 when she has her first child Annabelle

Age 20 in 1703 when she has her next child Thomas

Age 22 in 1705 (In-betweens Book 2 Dark Loss)

Age 35 in 1718 (Book 2 Dark Changes)

Age 69 in 1752 (Book 3, Dark Quest) Dies of old age

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