Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday


Chapter Seventeen : The Offer

Dagda deflected another hex bolt. “I’ve lasted for hundreds of years.”  He sent streamers of fire at a sasquatch, pushing it back.  “What makes you think I can’t handle you lot?”  Dagda’s magic tendrils grabbed a nameless vampire and flung him at the charging Beufus.

“You can’t keep this up forever.  Some of us never tire.”  Gertrude shot out glowing red energy spikes but they deflected off Dagda’s shield.  Annabelle noticed a small crack in it, however, and she lurched forward. 

Despite the sweat on his brow, the warlock laughed. “You’d be surprised what I can handle.  Where’s your friend, Penelope?  Did she get tired of wasting her time following Dominic around like a love struck puppy?”

“The Master felt her special talents were of better use in a quiet little village just south from here.” Gertrude grinned as her red lightning chipped his green shield.

“Salem?  No.  Even he wouldn’t--”

“Why do you think the paranoia has gotten out of control?  The Master knows when to take advantage of foolish people.”


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