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Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Penelope Chesterfield: Bride of Domi


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Elizabeth Báthory, Roxana Dawn and Penelope Chesterfield.

Their mission is to watch over Domi's interests and keep an eye on the Seven Tyrant Lords.

Penelope Chesterfield

Name origin:
Latin form of Greek Penelopeia, meaning "weaver of cunning."

Physical characteristics:
Long, straight light-brown hair. Bright brown eyes with thin eye lashes. Likes to dress in long black robes with a long flowing cape.


Typical vampire abilities:

She possesses the abilities of all vampires. This means she is faster and stronger than humans, her senses are extremely acute as are her reflexes. She can fly and can mesmerize humans. It took her a long time to learn how turn into a bat and mist.

Special abilities:
She’s an expert witch. Penelope has mastered dark magic and loves to use it on Dominic’s enemies. There are very few warlocks and witches who have become vampires. Of their limited number, Penelope is the greatest. She’d rather focus on her spells than master her vampiric abilities.

Known History:

Insane, Penelope Chesterfield lost her parents to illness in Colonial America of the late 1600s. She was found by Dominic Pratchet, whom brought her to one of his witch covens in North America because she showed a penchant for witchcraft. She became part of the coven and lived with his senior witch, Gertrude. Penelope was always more comfortable with her cats (familiars). She has a familiar named Moonlight that she hexed into a werecat.

She is obsessed with Dominic. She continuously tried to prove herself to him until he finally turned her into a vampire. Her goal is to one day be one of his queens. Eventually she proved herself and became one of his Brides. She recruited the Invisible Man.

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