Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bite of Story Thursday


Chapter Eighteen

She rushed deeper into the forest, sweat running down her brow and pooling behind her neck. Her undead body shouldn’t be having these reactions. Annabelle had no pulse yet it quickened. Terror caused her body to tremble. Her inhuman mind was demanding certain responses of her body and it was following suit.

She didn’t want to die and if this madman found her everything would be over. She wondered if all their training on how to kill vampires would be used on them. The man almost got Roland’s heart. He could have any weapon at his disposal. Deep fear rippled through her body as she continued to blur away from each arrow.

The stranger seemed to get closer by the minute. While he didn’t have her speed, he did have a certain skill with his weapon. Every time they would emerge from one set of trees, more arrows pierced the night. It took all her speed to avoid them.

He’s good, she thought, I can only stay a step ahead of him. If we keep running, he’ll get us. Where do we go? She looked through the trees and then glanced up. Annabelle leapt high into the branches while holding her brother. Once on a limb, she gently leaned him against the trunk and remained deathly quiet.

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