Saturday, November 12, 2011

Speaking Engagements for 11-11-11

Yesterday I had the fortunate opportunity to speak to two classes again.

In the morning I first went to Mr. Bryant's 8th grade US History class at the local Junior High. They listened politely as I explained who I was. I told them of Annabelle's story and my journey as a writer. I showed them pictures and even read part of my Salem chapters to them (that's what they had recently studied).
While I read, Mr. Bryant placed their names in my cauldron. I then opened it up for questions. Two kids asked several good questions and after I was done reading I chose a winner for a copy of Dark Threats. The lucky boy asked me to sign it (I'd forgotten beforehand). I finished off by chucking candy at them. All in all it was a good visit.

A few hours later I spoke to Mr. Palfreyman's high school 10th grade English class. I followed a similar pattern but I think I was more relaxed. Maybe it was because my wonderfully energetic wife helped me open up? Maybe it was because most of my daughter's friends were in the class? I don't know but it went really well. Several kids had a lot of questions (one of Katie's friends would ask every time there was a lag in conversation) and my wife Janeen broke it up with the book giveaway and the candy chucking.

I'm grateful to both classes for having me and hope to do it again.


Anonymous said...

Various fan-art, even though I have yet to read either of the books. However, I have read the sample on Amazon, so my art is based off of that, the bookmarks, and your discussion in my english class. I hope to read them soon!
Please enjoy! =]

Scott Bryan said...

Thank you so much! I've saved both wonderful peices for my writing insperation collection.

Scott Bryan said...

By the way, I want to post them here on the blog and on my Facebook. I want to give you credit. What name should I use?

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Hansen. I'm glad you like them! =]