Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bite of Story Thursday

Chapter Four

Time seemed to stop. They all looked at Dominic, confused and shocked.

His strong, pale face drew Annabelle’s attention. His eyes seemed to glow red like two burning embers in the night. His mouth opened into a fiendish smile.

“Mr. Pratchet, be careful! The wolves are--”

Roland’s words trailed off as the wolf pack paced towards them. He whispered, “Nice doggies. Can we go home, Father?”

Annabelle knew the wolves were too close. She and her family were trapped. Her breath caught as she peeked through her mother’s arms.

Dominic gestured and the beasts stopped in their tracks. Before she could bury her head again, the man attacked. He lifted Father from the ground as easily as if he were a feather and held him in the air.

Anthony flailed wildly, striking the lantern against Dominic’s head. The fiend latched onto it and flung it to the ground.

Roland surged forward, but Mother pulled him close.

Annabelle fought her mother’s tense grip. “Let me go! We have to help!”

“No!” Mother cried, “There’s nothing we can do!”


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