Thursday, December 07, 2006

Good Day Part 2: Agent's positive rejection

I received a return in the mail today. I sent several partials to many agents and some are just getting back to me.

See, agents are swamped with emails and snail mailed partials. They have full manuscripts to read, authors to help get published and all sorts of other things.

If you're trying to get published or you're just writing your book now, you're familiar with literary agents and you've probably seen their blogs.

One such agent is very famous for her blog. She's a big name and everyone who's trying to get published or are published know her.

She was the one who sent back my partial with the standard form letter. No biggie. She's not the right one for Annabelle, apparently.

But here's the thing. She's very busy, but she found the time to hand write on my query that she really liked the whole idea. She has good reasons why she cant represent it right now, but she told me to please keep submitting to agents.

She likes it! A big name in agents, whom all of you out there whom are agent blogging know, likes it! She took the time to give a personal, positive message!

It's coming. I'm telling you right now, it's coming. My friends and all you mysterious lurkers, you need to understand, Annabelle WILL be published. You're going to know her.
I've know since day one that she is supposed to be out there, in book stores, schools, libraries. Annabelle and her brother Roland grab everyone who reads. Not all readers may like vampires, but everyone can't stop reading. They get sucked into Ann's world, follow her for 450 pages and then want more. As the author, the ideas flow at an incredible rate.
Ann will overcome all opposition and she WILL be out there. She has a goal. When Harry retires, she will step in. Watch it. Expect it.

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