Thursday, November 16, 2006

Slow of speech

Yesterday I typed a little thing that offended a very important person in my life. That shook up things and so, in trying to make things better for that important person, I wrote an email to a freind. Then, after I apolojized to the important person we were able to talk. Then I sent another email to the freind, apolojizing for how he first email might have sounded.
Turned out my freind never recieved that first email and was hurt from my second.

I screwed up, again!

In the Bible, Moses (I think it was him) called himself "slow of speach". I see that as he goofed when he spoke. How many out there do the same? Come on hidden lurkers, I KNOW you do! Yeah, you in the back, on the right! You've said or written things one way but didnt mean it in the way it was taken.
We all have.

Anyway, I messed up bad. I've apolojized again for my screw ups. All I can do is carry on and do everything I can to not make those same mistakes.


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