Sunday, November 12, 2006

Requests abound!

Another request for a partial. I'm not exactly sure how many that is now. Shadow Mountain, a small publisher here in Utah also mailed me stating that in 8-10 weeks they'll decide. This new fellow, an agent from New York, also just emailed me and requested 50 pgs. He stated in 8-10 weeks if I haven't heard from him to email. I still want Adrienne and that's still in the air, waiting on her thoughts.

Wow. So many out and some getting read. STILL no clue who will get hooked. Dani is voice number 10. My friend, Dani, is finishing the manuscript and she echos the other nine in the fact that she gets lost in it and wants more. Which agent will feel the same?
SOMETHING will happen, but when? Who?

Time will tell.


dani said...

Just try to keep your head up and your spirits high. The fact that you have several agents wanting partials or fulls is a very good sign. I can only hope to be in your shoes once I get my WIP finished!

Jack Roberts, Annabelle's scribe said...

Thanks Dani!

I'm sure you will! I'm reading your WIP right now and there is a lot in there that can an will hook others.

Hang in there!