Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Holloween 2013!

You'd think on a year that ends with 13 I'd really get into the season. I mean, my wife's birthday is the 13th of this month for Pete's sake!

And Halloween is all about vampires, werewolves and other creatures. All year I post about such things because of my novels, yet this year I've posted very little in October (which is true for the last several months as well).

Every year I change my work and home screensavers to my Halloween folder. Same with my backdrop. Yet this year I only recently changed my home backdrop and screensaver to Halloween and not at all at work.

We decorate the house at the beginning of the month and enjoy the festive look all month. Not a bit this month. I listen to spooky music all month (I have a lot more than the ones you normally hear). This month I only listened to it very sparingly.

Have I just been lazy this year? Nope. Actually the reverse. I was scheduled to be laid off from my job the 18th of this month so most of my time for most of this year (and a lot of my time in September and the first half of October) I have been job hunting.

I got a job here in Utah and have started the last week of the month. I'm still hoping to get that LA job that I interviewed in person for last week. So my fruits have paid off and may continue to do so.

Next year will be different. I vow to really enjoy Halloween next year. I'll decorate and enjoy the music and shows and things of the season. I'll even set up speaking and signing engagements (something I have done for the last few years).

Meanwhile, as I get settled into my new job, I'll post more and return to my true love : WRITING! Watch this space!

p.s. I'll announce the winner of the October blog hop tomorrow night!

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