Thursday, May 02, 2013

Bite of Story Thursday

I'm still working in In-between story NIGHT CHILDREN: DARK LOSS and it's not ready for a sneak peek so here is something that is with the reviewers; NIGHT CHILDREN: DARK CHANGES. It's Book Two in the main Annabelle series. As always, this is from the rough draft so it does not reflect the final product. Enjoy!


Night Children: Dark Changes
Chapter Twenty-Two

“You want to do what?  This is not going to end well.”  Rachael sat on a large rock, looking out to the dark ocean.  She threw a small stone ten feet into the approaching waves.

The two of them decided to go for a walk and found their path led to the southern shore.  Roland came to love these quiet moments between them.  He felt safe in a pocket of time where Reginald and the other Bloody-Buccaneers couldn’t find them.  He would allow his heart to briefly peer above the dark clouds that always swallowed him every time he remembered his sister’s voice.

Sitting beside Rach, he threw his own stone just a tad farther.  “I can’t continue to let him get away with this.  It’s wrong and you know it.”

“But what you’re suggesting is madness.”  She turned to him.  He saw fear in her once brave eyes.  “Can’t you see that?  Reginald will catch you and kill you.  He has all sorts of ways, believe me.”

“You said I’m his new favorite.”

“So?  Don’t you get it?  He’ll kill you simply to set an example.  No one is immune.”  A bitter expression took over her face as she returned her gaze to the sea.

“Only if he catches me,” she rolled her eyes at his comment.  “But that’s something I’ll deal with.  I can’t let them do this.  I was human, too.  Those are people, Rach.  If there is one thing I learned from my parents, my adoptive mother Eliza and my sister it’s that people matter.  They should be treated decently.  What good is power if we just sit on our hands and let the Kalinago be sacrificed?”

She gave him a blank look but he didn’t care.  The more he talked about those poor souls the more he simply knew they had to be rescued.  If he had to die in the process, well at least Eliza and Annabelle would’ve been proud.

He stood up on the large rock and held out his hand.  “Come.  Let me show you something.”

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