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The A to Z Challenge! Q is for Quilts...

Q is for Quilts, specifically the quilt scene from NIGHT CHILDREN: DARK BIRTH. To set the scene, vampire boy Roland was captured along with his human friend Henry. The terrible tracker-vampire Fenroth had them inside his converted wagon. They, along with Fenroth's vampire assistants, were safe from the sun's rays inside the coach.

Thomas, Annabelle and Roland's other human friend, thought the best way to rescue them was by day. To protect her from the sun's lethal rays, Annabelle had a heavy quilt draped over her. Thomas guided her to the wagon...

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Dangerous Gambit

Annabelle slowly walked under the quilt, clutching her long stake while Tom led her toward Fenroth’s wagon.  This must be what a blind person felt like.  Engulfed in total blackness, she took each step cautiously and relied completely on Thomas to help her.  The sweltering heat was stifling.  Annabelle wanted to throw off the heavy quilt but she knew the disaster that would result if she did. 

“How are you?”  He draped his left arm over her as he guided her safely.  Despite the danger, she felt safe with him watching. 

“I’m all right.  I wish I could throw off this hot thing and look at the beautiful sun.  It’s been too long since I’ve seen it.” 

“But Annabelle--” 

“I know, I know.  Don’t worry.  I’m not suicidal.  How much further?” 

“Just ahead.  That’s got to be it.  On the left side of the wagon there’s some pull-down stairs that lead to a door.  I wish there was more than one way in or out.” 

A spike of fright made her wonder if they could be fast enough to avoid getting trapped.  His plan suddenly seemed foolish.  So many things could go wrong. 

Tom continued to describe Fenroth’s carriage, “The whole thing looks like some kind of big wooden box.  There’s a bench in front so he can control the horses, and its wheels look like ours, but the wood makes it look so strange.”

“I really don’t think Fenroth cares how it looks.” 

Thomas stopped moving.  “Annabelle, I’ll need a free arm to open the door so I’ll switch this cross to my left.  You’ll have to pull off the quilt when I give word.  Are you sure you want to go through with this?  Once we’re inside that wagon, the sunlight will be blocked out.  Fenroth will know when we enter.  We could wind up captured or worse.” 

Annabelle knew when he said “worse”; he meant he could be killed.  She hated putting him in that situation, but there was no other way.  She responded with the only thing she could.  “He’s my brother, Thomas.  I have to try.” 

“I feel the same way.”

Wasting no more time, Thomas gently moved Annabelle to the side of Fenroth’s converted wagon.  She pushed the front of the quilt to the wagon wall, feeling her way through it to the steps that led to the door.  Annabelle could hardly breathe.  Blind and extremely vulnerable, she felt like the frightened child instead of an angry vampire.

Thomas helped her up the steps until she reached the top one beside the front door.  Her acute hearing picked up the sound of snoring inside.  She felt the press of the cross against her back and knew Tom was ready to push her inside.

Thomas opened the door and gently shoved Annabelle in.  She yanked off the quilt, at the same time he shut the door behind them. 

The small room erupted in noise as two large wolves barked and growled from their cages.  Those sounds were lost among the crazed snarls of a strange wild vampire crouched on the floor to the back right.  It could only be Wildes Blut-Tier.  An Indian girl woke up and hissed from the back left.


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