Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The A to Z Challenge! N is for Night

N is for night.
I love the night. I used to be scared of walking my dogs along at night but then the ideas for my Night Children series came to me. As I got swallowed up in inspiration for the books, I could really feel Annabelle's love of the peaceful night time. Suddenly I was no longer afraid of the shadows but welcomed them. The moon was intoxicating, especially when it was full.

I have no idea why the switch. I don't know how I could feel my character so strongly. Beta readers have told me I am really in touch with Annabelle. That you could truly feel her voice.

Sure, it's all made up, but for some reason I can feel a connection to Annabelle, more than my other characters. Maybe other authors experience the same thing with their creations?

Anyway, here are some fun night pictures.


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