Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The A to Z Challenge! I is for Incredible Artwork

I is for Incredible Artwork.  Yes, I realize I'm stretching things a bit because A should stand for artwork and I could have said I is for Invisible Man but this way I can show off the great art others have done for me.

I love it when people do pieces for me. It tells me that my stories have touched them enough to inspire them.

These two pictures are by Ian Watson. He did them for me on the Tales of the Parodyverse website where I used to post small stories.

These two pictures were done by Adam Diller. Adam is a very talented artist whom I also know from the Parodyverse site.
Adam also did the cover art for NIGHT CHILDREN: DARK THREATS
And here are two pictures by a real fan! Elizabeth Hansen did these for me...
It means a lot to have people actually spend time on artwork of my characters and worlds. I love them all and hope for many more someday.
Thanks again guys!


Cathrina Constantine said...

Scary, Incredible Artwork!

Scott Bryan said...

I think so too.

Trisha F said...

I've always done my own artwork, but I imagine it'd be very cool to have someone else do some for you :)

Scott Bryan said...

It sure is! I've played around with art before but I'm just not good enough to do my stories justice.