Monday, April 08, 2013

The A to Z Challenge! G is for Ghosts

G is for ghosts.  I am not ashamed to say I believe in them. I've seen too many strange things in life not to believe. I've even felt things that I'll not share here, but lets just say I can never deny what I experienced.

Said private experience was enough to inspire me to begin a novel. Long after Myths became a forgotten/ stored away concept and before I discovered Annabelle, something happened in my life that effected me deeply. I began to write a novel I call Spirit Story which would chronicle the fate of two teens. One would experience life as a ghost, ignoring the tunnel, and the other would enter the tunnel and cross over. I even read a lot of books on NDEs (Near Death Experiences).

One day I'll return to Spirit Story. Maybe not for awhile but I do plan to get back to it.

I can tell you of an experience I had about ten years ago.

Our house has two stories. It's now a hundred years old and we even have an old coal chute so it's seen a lot of history. Ten years ago my youngest was very little. We slept in the finished basement to be near him if he needed help at night. He had a hard time falling asleep by himself so one night I laid down with him. His door was open to the hallway. I was drifting off to sleep when a woman in white passed the room to go upstairs.

This upset me a little because I'd just gotten him asleep. I carefully climbed out of his bed and left his room only to stare in shock. My wife was still downstairs, asleep in our bed. I went upstairs but found no one there. I'm not the only one who has seen this mysterious lady. My kids and even my wife have seen her. With some research, my wife discovered the woman was a school teacher who lived in our home decades ago.

That is only one of many experiences. So yes, I believe in ghosts.

Here are some spooky pics...


Jessica Peterson said...

Your post gave me goose bumps!! I'm a believer although I've never had my own experiences and would probably poop my pants if I did.

Have fun with a-z.

Scott Bryan said...

LOL. Well you never know until it happens. ;)