Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Lunar Love Giveaway Winner is...

CBarton!  Congratulations! And a big THANK YOU to everyone who followed ands commented!

Tonight right after midnight the next hop begins. I'm taking part in the 3rd Annual Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop! The official  post will be at 12:01 and unless you're a night owl or bat like Annabelle and Roland, you'll probably catch it tomorrow morning.

I'll be giving away another copy of Dark Threats so if you missed your chance to get it, here's another opportunity.  Just like the one CBarton won, this will be a new paperback, straight off the presses.

I have added a few things to the paperback version and the proof copy will be arriving shortly. Once I review it, I'll give it the thumbs up and order a whole bunch. I'm also adding some extra things to Dark Birth as well.

Added to both books will be...

A new chapter list for Threats
A blurb on Birth (in Threats) and a blurb on Threats (in Birth).
Updated author picture and bio
A list of where to find both books
An altered scene (Birth only)

Keep in mind, these small changes are in the paperback copies for now, but later this month the eBook versions will get those changes, too, plus more stuff!

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